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Loan Process

Loan Process

  1. Coastline Home Mortgage is a Coastline Federal Credit Union Company and we make residential mortgage loans in Florida for people who live or work in the five Northeast Florida Counties -
    Duval, Nassau, Baker, Clay or St. Johns Counties.
  2. You can contact us in person at our Philips Highway office located at 8011 Philips Highway, Suite One – On the east side of Philips Highway, one stoplight north of Baymeadows Road.
    Or:  By Phone –        904-448-2595
    On the web –            www.JaxDreamLoans.com
  3. Pre-Loan Application Approval

    It is recommended that homebuyers have a true, pre-loan application approval before shopping for a home.
    And It’s Free - There is no charge for our Pre-Loan Application Approval
    We offer a true pre-approval, subject to your purchasing a satisfactory property as documented by an appraisal that we order.
    Here is information we need for you and others who will be included on your loan
    1. W-2 forms for the past two years
    2. Pay-stub covering your most recent 30-days of employment
    3. A recent bank statement from your primary financial institution where you have funds available for your down payment and closing costs
    4. Authorization to request a copy of your credit report
  4. Self-employed?
    If you are self-employed, in addition to the above we will need your Federal Income Tax Returns for the past two years
  5. Looking to refinance your home loan, for a Home Improvement Loan or Home Equity Line of Credit?
    To refinance your existing home loan, for a home improvement loan or Home Equity Line of Credit we will also need information about your home.
    1. A copy of the warranty deed showing property ownership
    2. A copy of your homeowners’ insurance policy summary showing coverage and cost of insurance
    3. Payment letter from your existing home lender(s) showing balances owed and payment amount